Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

Location: Spring

Garage door would not open and I called Precision Garage Door Service at 2:30pm. The very polite telephone receptionist said
she would call us back with a time that a technician could come to our home. She called back almost immmediately and said that
a Technician would be at our home between 4:00pm and 7:00pm. Technician Jacob Austin then called us and said he could be at our
home between 6:00pm and 7:00pm. Jacob arrived at 6:30pm and did a complete inspection of our overhead garage door. He showed
us that the spring was broken and that we had some minor structural damage that we were aware of when our door was slightly
bumped by our car. Jacob was very polite and offered us 3 options for repairing the door—-Good, Better and Best. We decided,
without any pressure from Jacob, that we would purchase a new upgraded overhead door with a premium spring and hardware.
The price quoted for the new door and installation was very market competitive. Jacob installed a replacement spring that will
keep our door operational until the new door is installed within two days. We are exceptionally pleased the speed of service response
and the politeness and skill of the technician, Jacob Austin. We highly recommend Precision Door Service.

- Fred Parrow