Should You Be Worried About Your Hot Garage?

By / 18th July, 2017 / Garage Doors

When summer arrives here in Houston, with temperatures regularly in the 90s or climbing above 100 degrees, staying cool is at the top of everyone’s to-do list. And while many of us seek shelter indoors, there’s one room in the house that’s notoriously uncomfortable: the garage.

During the dog days of summer, the temperature inside your garage may be up to 20 degrees higher than the temperature outside (or even more). This means that on a 100-degree summer day, it could be 120 degrees inside your garage.

So, what are the dangers of a hot garage, and what can you do to keep your garage cool? Our team at Precision Garage Door of Houston is going to show you.

Extreme Heat Can Destroy Items Inside Your Garage

Intense heat can be extremely harmful to many of the items inside your garage. Electronics, for example, don’t fare well in high temperatures. Their circuit systems work much better at lower temperatures and typically run about 20 degrees hotter than the temperature inside the room. Overheating can severely damage the device and even destroy it. This is bad news for your computer, radio, or even the electronic systems in your car.

This can also be bad news for the electronics used to operate your garage door. Your opener and safety sensors, for instance, are comprised of some intricate parts that may quickly deteriorate in high heat.

Of course, electronics aren’t the only items damaged by heat. The garage is commonly used as storage for a number of different items, including canned goods, drinks, and cleaning supplies. While some of these may fare reasonably well under hot conditions, others could be ruined. In some cases, drinks or cans might even burst, causing an even bigger mess.

Ultimately, items that are warped or damaged from high temperatures equal money lost. Don’t throw away your hard-earned cash over the heat!

Heat Is Bad for You & Your Furry Friends

Not everyone uses the garage for storage or to park their car. Some homeowners transform their garage into a personal gym, office, or workshop. However, working out or even just sitting in a 120-degree garage can put you at risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, both of which can be serious and potentially life-threatening conditions if left untreated.

The same goes for your pets. Dogs and cats that are placed in the garage to “keep them out of trouble” while the family’s gone or that accidentally get closed inside are more prone to these heat-related illnesses, thanks to their thick coats of fur.

Ultimately, the garage is an extension of your house, and should be just as comfortable to spend time in. You, your family, and your four-legged friends shouldn’t have to suffer every time you step foot in the garage.

A Hot Garage Can Run Up Your Energy Bill

Keeping your house cool is hard work for your air conditioning system. A garage that’s not properly insulated could force your system to work twice as hard as cool air escapes and warm air seeps in. This wasted energy isn’t only bad for your air conditioning system, which will continue to run longer than it would normally, but it’s also bad for your energy bill.

In addition to having a hot garage, you’ll likely notice that any living space above the garage is significantly hotter compared to the other rooms in the house. That’s because the hot air from inside the garage rises through the floor, making it uncomfortable in those adjoining rooms.

Rooms adjacent to the garage can also see temperature fluctuations of up to 20 degrees because of that added heat. Ultimately, the A/C is going to have to work overtime to moderate them, eating up more cash.

This is in addition to the fact that a poorly insulated garage door is going to be constantly letting air out. Ultimately, this lost air is lost money, too.

How to Keep Your Garage Cool All Summer Long

If your garage is feeling unbearable, there are always ways to beat the heat, the easiest of which is to promote airflow. Fans can be used to move hot air out and pull cool air in. While you might be tempted to open the garage door to increase the flow of air, doing so will only bring the temperature down slightly. Instead, pull cool air from inside into the garage.

However, this is only a quick fix and won’t help keep your energy bill from soaring as cool air continues to escape through your uninsulated garage. The best way to cool your garage and keep your electric bill down is to have the door properly insulated. An insulated garage door can keep outdoor temperatures at bay while helping your air conditioning unit run more efficiently.

Find the Insulated Garage Door That Best Fits Your Style

At Precision Garage Door of Houston, we have a wide selection of doors to fit just about any taste, including doors with varying layers of insulation. Whether you’re looking for a modern door or a carriage-style door, we can insulate them for you.

You can also spruce up your door with different window shapes, panels, decorative hardware, and colors. This will add a bit of extra flair to your door, all while helping you save money on your energy bill.

Let Our Garage Door Professionals Help

From choosing the right door to getting it installed, the professionals at Precision Garage Door of Houston will be there to assist you every step of the way. They’re the most reliable team around to get your door set up quickly and safely.

They’re so confident in the quality of the work that they do that your installation will come with the Precision Door Done Right Guarantee. If you end up having any problems down the line, just give us a call for 24/7 emergency service. We’ll have it fixed in no time.

Cool Down Your Garage This Summer

While the list of negatives for an overly hot garage might seem endless, remedying the problem is pretty simple. All you need is a new door with insulation to keep the cool air in and block out the heat.

If the time has come to find your new garage door, contact Precision Garage Door of Houston. We’re ready to help anytime.