How the Right Garage Door Can Save You Money

By / 2nd February, 2017 / Our Blog

To the average homeowner, choosing a garage door may seem like an arbitrary decision. If it looks nice, you’ve made a good choice, right? Not exactly. Choosing the wrong garage door could end up costing you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in repairs and energy costs.

So, how do you pick the right garage door? Our team at Precision Garage Door of Houston is here to help you find out. We’ll take a closer look at how choosing the right garage door can save you money, time, and hassle.

The Power of Garage Door Insulation

One of the biggest issues with low-quality or uninsulated garage doors is that they do little to prevent outside air from penetrating the garage and, worse, indoor air from escaping. Imagine it’s the middle of summer and your home’s air conditioning system is set to keep the house a cool 67 degrees. If your garage door isn’t properly insulated, then warm outside air can leak in, causing the air conditioning unit to run continuously.

We don’t need to tell you how expensive it can be to constantly run the cooling system. With insulated garage doors, your garage does a much better job at keeping outside air temperatures from altering the climate inside your garage and your home.

At Precision Garage Door of Houston, we offer a wide variety of insulated steel garage doors to match the style of your home. These doors are made using a two-inch layer of insulation sandwiched between two heavy-duty steel panels. This is drastically different from the vinyl-back garage doors that other garage door companies typically offer.

Vinyl-back garage doors don’t offer the same durability or insulating capability as multi-layer steel doors.

If steel isn’t your preferred design aesthetic, you can still improve the energy efficiency of your garage by opting for more naturally insulating materials like wood. A sturdy wood garage door will provide much greater insulation than a thin aluminum door.

You Get What You Pay For

You wouldn’t expect a cheap paintbrush to work as well or last as long as an expensive one, would you? The same mode of thinking can be applied to garage doors. Some manufacturers use low-quality materials and designs as a way of keeping the price of the door low, and therefore more attractive to potential customers.

On the other hand, high-quality garage doors made from premium materials will undoubtedly cost more than their value-focused counterparts, but they’ll last much longer and require less routine maintenance.

Poorly made garage doors may require frequent repairs to mend or replace malfunctioning parts. After a while, the cost of maintaining a low-quality garage door can surpass the initial cost of a higher quality one.

Want to learn more about the different types of garage doors? Download our free Total Garage Door Buying Guide.This helpful eBook will not only explain how the right garage door can help you save money, but also the differences between one door and another.