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Houston Consumer Alert

While natural disasters bring out the best in our community, it can also bring out the worst. Many Consumer Protection Agencies are warning against the fly-by-night experts that are papering neighborhoods with fliers that promise quick service. Unfortunately these, here-today-and-gone-tomorrow individuals are often inexperienced, transient and high cost. They have little connection to the community and are seeking to “make a fast buck”.

How can you identify a reputable company? Here’s some proven guidelines:

  1. Do they have a website and a local business address?
  2. What do their reviews say, if they have any?
  3. Do they have trained and certified employees, or are they using anyone they can find?
  4. Is the business accredited by the Better Business Bureau?

If you can’t answer yes to all these questions, save yourself unnecessary trouble and expense and find a reputable local company. Tell your friends!