Garage Door Service Dayton TX

At Precision Garage Door of Houston, one of the things we like most about Dayton, TX, is how quiet it is. Most of our team has grown up in small towns just like this, so we feel right at home when working here.

With only 7,242 residents, this little town along the Trinity River makes for the perfect place to settle down with family. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but there’s also some excellent mom-and-pop businesses and restaurants around.

Whenever we’re working in Dayton, there are a couple places we simply can’t pass up for lunch. First and foremost, Mike’s BBQ, Catfish & Steaks is mouthwatering. Their chicken fried steak is very tasty. However, we also have a hard time staying away from the Texas Kountry Kitchen.

There’s no shortage of comfort food here in town. And it’s no wonder! Something about Dayton just feels like home.

Choosing Our Garage Door Service near Dayton TX

We know that you’re used to shopping with mom-and-pops, so you might feel wary about choosing a national franchise for your garage door services near Dayton, TX. However, Precision Garage Door of Houston isn’t some massive company.

When the business began some 25 years ago, it was just another small, family-owned business, like Mike’s or the Kountry Kitchen. The only reason we’ve grown so much since then is because of our commitment to helping our neighbors keep their garage doors in excellent shape.

There for You When You Need Us Most

The garage door is a focal point of any home’s exterior. You might not consider it a central decoration, but an outdated or broken-down door can really detract from your home’s beauty.

Precision Garage Door is here not only to provide you with a new door in a variety of styles, but we can also fix up your current door. No matter what your needs may be, we have all the proper doors, electronics, decorative hardware, and more to satisfy them.

We’re also more than happy to pair you with the door that best fits your home. Do you have a more rustic, traditional house? Or perhaps something modern and chic? In either case, we have a door to match it, and we’re more than happy to pair you up.

We’re pretty confident in our installation work both for doors and electronics, enough so that we offer our Precision Done Right! Guarantee on our work. However, if you’re having any trouble with your current door, we also offer 24/7 emergency services.

A malfunctioning door can be a major hazard for you and your family. We wouldn’t want anything happening to you, so be sure to call us for garage door service near Dayton, TX, at the first sign of trouble.

Contact Us Today

As the largest moving object in your home, there’s a lot more to that old garage door than you might think. When the time comes for repairs or replacements, it’s best to let the experts handle things.

At Precision Garage Door of Houston, we’re more than happy to help. Contact us today for timely garage door service near Dayton, TX!