How to Determine Which Garage Door Style Is Right for Your Home

By / 6th March, 2017 / Garage Door Styles, Our Blog

Choosing the perfect garage door style to complement your home’s exterior can be difficult. Even homeowners with a knack for design may find it hard to know which door would go best with the rest of their home.

To help make sure you’re making the right decision, our team at Precision Garage Door of Houston is reviewing the different styles of homes and garage doors, and how to pair the two perfectly so you can have a design you’re truly proud of. 

What Style Home Do You Have?

There are many different styles of homes, from elegant Victorians to efficient Ramblers; depending on where you live in the United States, you may notice more of one style than another. Understanding what style home you have is the first step in determining which garage door style is right for your home. For more information, download our free eBook: Your Garage Door Style Guide.

In southern Texas, the four most popular home styles are Traditional, Modern, Southern, and European.


Far from following any one tradition, Traditional houses are a mix of many different home styles. They feature characteristics of Ranch, Colonial, and Craftsman style homes and are commonly found in quiet American suburbs. Key architectural signatures include wrap-around porches and vaulted roofs.


Known for their distinct flat roofs and clean, straight lines, Modern style homes are the epitome of the tech-savvy design aesthetic. Large, horizontal windows let in tons of natural sunlight, while an undecorated fireplace sets a minimalistic tone.


The Southern home was built to handle the hot and humid weather. This home style features workable shutters, a large wrap-around porch, and an overhanging roof. You might also see columns, typically used to support the roof overhangs from the first level.


Drawing inspiration from French, Italian, and English architecture, European style homes are easily distinguishable because they often feature complex rooflines. These homes are built to last, sourcing materials like stone, marble, plaster, and wood to complete the build. 

Choosing a Garage Door that Complements Your Home

Depending on what style home you have, there’s probably a certain garage door style that might be a better fit than others. For example, if you have a Modern style home, a carriage house style garage door might clash with the rest of the home’s design. You can use the suggestions below to get started, but don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right material, color, and hardware.

Carriage House: Affordable and customizable, Carriage House style garage doors are the most popular garage doors in the nation. They typically feature a wooden build, windows, and decorative hardware. Ideal for Traditional, Southern, and European style homes.

Contemporary: A modern garage door for the Modern style home. The Contemporary garage door stands as a bold centerpiece to your home’s exterior design.

Traditional (Raised Panel): The most versatile garage door style, Raised Panel garage doors were installed on many homes in the 1990s. They offer a low initial cost and adequate durability. Try this design on Traditional, Southern, or European style homes.

Custom: Because of its extreme personalization, a custom garage door can be designed for virtually any home style. However, it might be best suited for Modern or European style homes. 

Test Out Your Garage Door Design Ideas

Before you purchase your next garage door, it might help to try a few different styles to see which one you like best. At Precision Garage Door of Houston, we can help you explore different colors, styles, and more until you find the perfect fit for your home.