The Dangers of Broken Garage Door Springs

By / 27th January, 2017 / Our Blog

Garage door springs are responsible for your door’s steady and safe journey on its tracks each time you push the receiver button. But, like most parts of your garage door system, springs wear down over time and will eventually need to be replaced.

If you suspect that your garage door’s springs are broken, seek the help of a certified professional immediately, as continuing to operate the door with broken springs could have dangerous consequences.

In the following post, Precision Garage Door reviews some of the ways in which broken springs can wreak havoc and the symptoms associated with a broken spring set.

How to Spot a Broken Garage Door Spring

There are two types of garage door springs used. Extension springs run parallel to the door track, while torsion springs are situated directly above the garage door opening.

The easiest way to identify a broken spring is to simply look up. Another telltale sign that one or more springs have broken is a garage door that’s stuck in the closed position.

Leaving Broken Springs Unattended Could Lead To…

  • Possible Injury or Damage to Property: Because springs weld up tension to function, a broken spring charged with the weight and pressure of a well-working one is predisposed to let this tension go without warning, forcefully shooting the spring itself down into your garage. 

As you can imagine, this could cause irreversible damage to anyone and anything in the vicinity of the garage: pets, kids at play in the driveway, cars, or valuables stored inside the garage.

A broken spring set should never be provoked, either. With your garage door, attempting to get a closer look at the issue or tinker around for a solution is never an option. Don’t trust yourself or others who offer help. The danger is too grave to have anyone other than a certified garage door technician inspect and repair your garage door system.

  • Damage to the Rest of the Garage Door System: When one part of your garage door’s system weakens, especially one as crucial as the springs, its other parts compensate by taking on added strain. 

One broken spring leads to two, and two can quickly evolve into a full-blown, systemwide issue. If you continue to operate your garage door with weak or broken springs, it wears the inner workings of your door at an accelerated rate and adds up to a hefty repair bill.

Contact Precision Garage Door for Trusted Spring Repairs

The best way to avoid the dangers of broken springs is to seek the help of a professional garage door services provider the moment you notice your door acting up (or down!).

Precision Garage Door’s certified technicians have extensive spring replacement experience and use only the highest-quality fortified springs to complete repairs. If you’re a Houston homeowner in need of immediate assistance, call us at 713-489-4414 and we’ll send out one of our trusted techs as soon as possible.