Customize Your Garage Door for Summer!

By / 22nd June, 2017 / Garage Door Tips

As summer settles in, that means far more time spent outdoors. Either you’ll be landscaping, throwing BBQs, or just plain relaxing in the sun.

No matter the case, the neighbors are going to be taking notice of your home. Why not freshen up its look with some eye-catching garage door customization? Our team at Precision Garage Door of Houston is more than happy to show you how.

All-New Panel Designs

Start off by considering your home’s overall style. Is it more modern? Perhaps rustic? Allow your garage door’s design to complement this overall look. The best place to start is by adding in some all-new garage door panels.

So, let’s say you have a country-style home, something more on the rustic side. If this is the case, you may want to try our Rutledge panels, which mimic the barn door style.

For the more modern home, the Pineda door may be the right choice. This design includes four long, recessed panels, as well as two windows.

No matter which door you choose, know that you can spruce it up even more by adding in a new color scheme. Whatever you desire, Precision Garage Door of Houston can bring it to life! Read more about different garage door styles.

Explore Your Window Options

It doesn’t really feel like summer unless the sun is shining. And when it is, you’re going to want to let some extra light in. Fortunately, many of our panel designs come with some great window pairings, too.

We have classic rectangular windows, such as the Madeira or Nile. Both are excellent matches with a more modern door. However, you can also try an arched window like the Seine for a more elegant look.

If you’re really looking to brighten up your garage and add some extra warmth, you may want to consider an all-glass door. In recent years, this option has really boomed in popularity.

Decorative Hardware Will Make Your Garage Door Pop

So, you’ve got all new panels, windows, and a great color scheme. It’s time to put the finishing touches on your door with some decorative hardware. Special handles and hinges are the perfect accent to make your door pop.

For example, if you have a traditional home, you may want to pair our Blue Ridge handles and hinges. Both will add some welcomed contrast to your garage door. Likewise, Canterbury ring handles may be the perfect accent for a rustic door.

Mix and match all these options at your will to create a garage door design that’s 100% you. It’ll be the talk of the neighborhood this summer!

Design Your Garage Door Like a Professional

The best part of customizing a garage door with our team of professionals is how easy we make it. To get started, just head over to the virtual garage door designer on our website. This way, you can see your garage door before making a final decision.

When the time comes for installation, just give us a ring at Precision Garage Door of Houston. We’ll have your new garage door up in no time at all!