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Does your house need a serious makeover? You can brighten up your home’s exterior and bring some much-needed warmth to your corner of the world with these simple home improvement ideas.

1. Touch Up the Lawn.

Landscaping is a great way to improve your home’s exterior without actually changing anything about the house itself. Rule number one is to choose plants by how much maintenance you’re willing to provide, and not simply by how good they look. Potted plants by the front door can add some warmth and color without much work on your end.

You can also consider creating some planting beds for different flowers and shrubs for a more dynamic effect. Remember to consider the level of care that your new lawn will need before committing to a series of flower beds. If all you can commit to is patching up a few brown spots of grass and trimming some low-hanging branches, that’s okay.

Overall, landscaping is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to improve the exterior of your home.

2. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint.

Paint fades over time, and adding a fresh coat can give it a clean, new look. Whether you’re repainting it with the same color, or switching things up a bit, painting the exterior of your home is a terrific way to get it ready for spring.

Before you dunk your brush into the bucket (so to speak), make sure that your project is properly planned and budgeted. You can start by painting the doors and the trim. Then, take on the shutters and the remaining accent pieces. Finally, paint all the vertical walls.

Finance each stage individually, making sure that you have the money and time to finish the job quickly. The reason to do it this way is because paint fades (as we mentioned above), and you don’t want one wall to be lighter than the others (or one shutter to be darker than the rest).

3. Hang Some Window Boxes.

A few well-made window boxes can add a seamless and upgraded look to your home without costing much money. It’s important that you take the time to find window boxes that match the style of your home. Otherwise, they could end up looking out of place.

If you need to, paint or refinish the window boxes so they match the color of your house. Then, all you have to do is pick out some flowers to plant. Make sure that the boxes are properly secured to the house so they can handle the weight of wet soil.

4. Redo the Driveway.

Whether it’s gravel, asphalt, or stone slabs, a well-kept driveway can do wonders for improving your home’s exterior look. A refinished driveway can add a clean look to your home, especially if your current driveway is cracked or starting to chip away.

Gravel from your gravel driveway can sink and get kicked away. If you like the gravel look and don’t want a paved driveway, then consider adding a fresh layer of gravel and edge the driveway. However, you might want to consider upgrading to brick, stained concrete, or something more durable.

5. Clean Out the Gutters.

Gutters are an essential component to your home that protect your windows, roof, walls, and landscape from rain. Since they divert wastewater away from your home, it’s essential you clean them out from time to time.

Think about all the debris in your gutter. Leaves, twigs, and sticks can clog your gutters if you neglect them. This could lead to water damage. It may also create a breeding ground for pests and weeds, including bees, mosquitoes, and all kinds of critters. Cleaning the gutters each spring helps prevent this from happening while maintaining your home’s fresh, polished look.

6. Wash Your Windows.

Maybe you diligently clean the inside of your windows each week, but perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve wiped down the outside. In that case, cleaning the exterior of your windows can give your home a polished, gleaming look.

Fresh windows that are free from grime make a great first impression and can also increase the amount of sunlight entering your home. If you need help reaching your second- or third-floor windows, it may not be a bad idea to hire a professional window washer.

7. Treat Yourself to New Patio Furniture.

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting on your favorite lawn chair and watching a summer sunset. Whether you’re partial to wicker lounge chairs, patio sofas, or Adirondack recliners, a brand-new outdoor furniture set can breathe life into the look of your front porch.

Depending on their materials, your patio furniture can get damaged from exposure to the elements. Rain, sun, and wind take their toll on even the sturdiest teak table set, but new furniture can make your porch or back deck the best hangout in the neighborhood.

8. Update Your Garage Doors.

We couldn’t write a post about improving your home’s exterior without mentioning garage doors. The fact is, old and outdated doors can significantly reduce your home’s curb appeal, not to mention that older doors tend to malfunction more often.

Consider upgrading your garage with a new door that flows with the design of the rest of your home. Be sure to pick out the color, window options, and hardware that make sense and add character to the rest of the house.

If buying a new garage door isn’t in your budget, you can try giving it a makeover to breathe new life into your current doors. Check out our free guide, How Your Garage Door Can Increase Your Home’s Value, for more information and helpful tips before starting your next home improvement project.

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